NutriSyn Calm: Clinically Tested & Endorsed by a Board Certified Psychiatrist

NutriSyn Calm: Clinically Tested & Endorsed by a Board Certified Psychiatrist



Stress and anxiety are common in our modern society. While stress and anxiety can be managed, if ignored, they can cause numerous health issues including hypertension, heart disease, or mental health conditions such as depression. Let’s take a look at the stats and how NutriSyn Calm is helping improve sleep patterns and reduce anxiety for many.

Taking A Look At The Statistics

Did you know that Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Affects 6.8 million adults or 3.1% of the US population? Even so, less than half of the population with GAD seeks treatment options to help them cope. Because of the potential health conditions that anxiety and stress can lead to, we have created NutriSyn Calm as a remedy.

In a survey, 1 in 5 people reported having worse mental health symptoms than the previous year. Gen Z leads the other generational groups with 34% reporting worse mental health symptoms this year, followed by Gen Xs (21%) and Millenials (19%).

What Role Does Insomnia Play in Modern Culture?

Sleep disorders, including insomnia, affect 50 – 70,000,000 Americans each year. Sleep deprivation has also been associated with higher rates of heart conditions as well as impaired memory, weight gain, and poor job performance.

Insomnia can be defined as waking too early with an inability to fall back to sleep. This results in possible anxiety about your ability to fall back to sleep, which leads to staying awake for most of the night.

Insomnia is typically due to stress, anxiety, trauma, sleep habit changes, physical pain/injury, illness, or certain medications.

How NutriSyn Calm Works

NutriSyn wanted to create a product that was natural and non-habit-forming but one that was also backed by science and tested to offer relief to anxiety, stress, and sleep conditions. We wanted the product to be easy to use, offer positive/relieving effects with no unpleasant side effects, and create no tachyphylaxis (dependence).

Our multi-faceted NutriSyn Calm is a natural compound that is applied to the inside of each wrist over the radial artery, and each side of the neck near the carotid arteries. It can be applied any time of the day to promote relaxation, reduction in tension, and an increase in focus and clarity. NutriSyn Calm works by creating localized relaxation in two key points on the anatomy that trigger calming systemically. It also releases unique volatile compounds that are known to ease stress and tension through olfactory nerves.

Clinical Tests + NutriSyn Calm

A clinical test was performed where 20 patients were studied. Ten patients had anxiety and ten patients had inadequate sleep (7 hours or less). Patients in the study were assessed for one week during the study. A small amount of NutriSyn Calm was self-applied on the patient’s wrists and carotid arteries 1-4 times/day. No adverse effects were seen with this application frequency.

According to the survey analysis conducted by Drs. Erro and Dr. Goldfarb, 95% of patients reported positive results of reduction of anxiety while 98% of patients saw improvement in sleep quality and patterns. When asked, all 20 patients wanted to continue using the product for better sleep and reduced anxiety symptoms.

Dr. Goldfarb is a Surgeon practicing in the Philadelphia area who specializes in aesthetics. He stands by NutriSyn Calm for his patients, saying, “I use Nutrisyn Calming Serum on many of my patients prior to performing procedures. Some of the procedures I do can cause temporary discomfort and many patients have a  natural sense of fear or tension when visiting a doctor. The application of the Nutrisyn  Calming Serum about 15 minutes prior to the procedure is extremely beneficial in helping my patients achieve a sense of calm, relaxed demeanor.” He goes on to say he, himself, uses NutriSyn Calm to improve his sleep habits.

Get Started With NutriSyn Calm: A Natural Remedy For Improved Anxiety + Sleep

Our process for creating quality, natural formulas is methodical from sleep to anxiety to overall wellness. Our goal is to give you access to a better future with a natural blend of ingredients intended to supplement your everyday life.
Based on scientific research and clinical studies, NutriSyn Calm may be a great natural alternative to many chemically-made medications. NutriSyn Calm is a novel topically-applied serum that aims to promote a calm, focused, and relaxed feeling. Shop now!