ONAIR Story: Nutrisyn Calming Serum, A Natural Relief

ONAIR Story Nutrisyn Calming Serum, A Natural Relief



“Are you still stressing about finding that perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season? Well, Nutrisyn Calming Serum may be the gift you’ve been waiting for to give to your loved ones or even yourself!

Nutrisyn approaches stress relief with a scientific and holistic foundation. Their mission is to balance the body using scientifically researched ingredients to supplement the body with the nutrition it needs. The critical elements in the Nutrisyn Calming Serum are theanine, chamomilla Recutita leaf extract, magnesium chloride, and aminobutyric acid.

Stress has numerous adverse effects on your body, including your immune, digestive, and nervous systems. Stress may also be the cause of sleep deprivation, headaches, anxiety, and other health-related concerns. When applying NutriSyn Calm serum, apply 2-3 pumps as needed to the inside of your wrists and sides of your neck. Rub in lightly and allow the topical to air dry. Nutrisyn calm, along with all of Nutrisyn’s other supplements, is natural, non-habit forming, and does not cause unwanted side effects or dependency.”

A version of this article was published on ONAIR Story featuring NutriSyn Calm serums.