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Our products are based on clinical research, leveraging natural ingredients with proven results to help you achieve digestive health and calming, as well as, a healthy night’s sleep.

The science behind NUTRISYN sleep

Nutrisyn Sleep is a synergistic formulation of highly specific compounds designed to support healthy sleep.  It works through several mechanisms to deliver a synergistic and comprehensive benefit for improving sleep quality and duration. Moreover, the ingredients do not cause unwanted side effects or dependency, and do not lose effect with prolonged use. In fact, regular use actually confers a cumulative benefit for sleep improvement.

Healthy sleep is one of the most important and underrated factors for long term health. Sleep is essential for proper cognitive function, immunity, and metabolism amongst many other functions as well. In addition, deep sleep can actually foster a better metabolic rate and lead to increases In lean tissue and reduction in adiposity.

Key Ingredients


Jujube Seed


Lemon Balm

The science behind nutrisyn digest

Nutrisyn Digest is comprised of broad spectrum metabolically active enzymes to directly support the breakdown of foods, probiotics to directly support the health of the lower GI tract, and several beneficial botanicals to support the function of the major organs of digestion. Food based enzymes are vital to all aspects of health but are greatly lacking or absent from the typical diet. Nutrisyn Digest provides a steady supply of enzymes necessary to break down foodstuffs including proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.  

Simultaneously, specific botanicals help stimulate and support the glands and organs of digestion that fuel the breakdown, assimilation, and elimination. If either enzymes and/or the organs that fuel digestion are lacking, then the entire process is negatively affected. Finally, Nutrisyn Digest supplies a stable and well studies form of beneficial bacteria to prop up lower bowel function including elimination and immune response.

Key Ingredients






Nutrisyn Calm serum is a synergistic formulation based on scientific research and comprised of a blend of all-natural ingredients to promote a calm, focused, and relaxed feeling. Stress has numerous negative affects on your body including your immune, digestive, and nervous systems. Stress may also be the cause of sleep deprivation, headaches, anxiety, and other health-related concerns.When applying NutriSyn Calm serum, apply 2-3 pumps as needed to the inside of your wrists and sides of neck. Rub in lightly and allow the topical to air dry. Nutrisyn calm, along with all of our supplements are natural, non-habit forming, and do not cause unwanted side effects or dependency.

Key Ingredients


Chamomilla Recutita
Leaf Extract



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nutrisyn sleep

Natural blend of ingredients to activate relaxation receptors.

nutrisyn calm

Promoting a calm, focused, and relaxed feeling.

nutrisyn digest

Supports digestion by maintaining
healthy intestinal microbiome.