The Difference Between Enzymes & Probiotics

The Difference Between Enzymes & Probiotics



Whenever you have digestive upset or are starting to feel sick, you’ll often be told to take probiotics to help clear out the bad bacteria from your gut. Your gut is directly related to your immune system. Meaning, whatever you bring in affects digestive absorption, functioning, and your immune health.

While it’s true, probiotics do have numerous benefits including fighting off bad bacteria in your gut and balancing your microbiome, there is one key aspect to digestion you also need to focus on…digestive enzymes!

Digestive Enzymes: What Are They & What Are The Benefits?

Digestive enzymes are involved in virtually all biochemical processes, and actually are essential to not only digestion but immunity. All white blood cells contain enzymes. Interestingly, 70% of the immune system resides in the gut.

The organs of digestion are constantly being stressed by numerous internal and external factors and poor function of the liver, gall bladder, stomach, pancreas, and intestines all play a role in poor health. This affects not only digestion but elimination and detoxification.

If either enzyme and/or the organs that fuel digestion are lacking, then the entire process is negatively affected.  Nature intended that we get our enzymes from foods, but those foods have to be uncooked. Unfortunately, any food exposed to even low heat generally has its enzymes destroyed. Therefore we never get enough enzymes from food and the entire digestive system is overstressed.

A depletion and/or deficiency of digestive enzymes can and will cause the same in system enzymes, adding to the woes of the body. System enzymes are needed in a myriad of processes including fighting disease, detoxification, healing (wounds and injuries), proper inflammation, absorption, and anabolic processes.

What’s The Difference Between Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics?

While probiotics are living organisms that affect our microbiome, balancing our gut, and helping rid our bodies of harmful bacteria, digestive enzymes assist our bodies in breaking down food more efficiently for absorption. Both digestive enzymes and probiotics aid in healthy digestion but both have different responsibilities. Digestive enzymes typically need to be supplemented, as we rarely get them from our modern diet.

Try NutriSyn Digest For Better Digestion Health

NutriSyn Digest is a comprehensive formulation designed to aid all facets of digestion. The synergistic formula is comprised of broad-spectrum metabolically active enzymes to directly support the breakdown of foods, probiotics to directly support the health of the lower GI tract, and several beneficial botanicals to support the function of the major organs of digestion. 

As we said, food-based enzymes are vital to all aspects of health but are greatly lacking or absent from the typical diet. NutriSyn Digest provides a steady supply of enzymes necessary to break down foodstuffs including proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Simultaneously, specific botanicals help stimulate and support the glands and organs of digestion that fuel the breakdown, assimilation, and elimination. NutriSyn Digest supplies a stable and well studies form of beneficial bacteria to prop up lower bowel function including elimination and immune response.

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